Mini-guide scrolling shooter Duke of Alpha Sentauri

ByThomas Holmes

Mini-guide scrolling shooter Duke of Alpha Sentauri

After the game, Duke of Sentauri Alpha (review here) I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I had a lot of fun, on the other – got it only some five hours, given the small grind.

Therefore, in case developers want to add to the game for another six hours due to Addons, I will tell you the approximate tactics for optimal passage. It is short but informative.

1. Rely on weapons, not shields. As usual in these games, the more enemies you kill the ship, the more money he earns, and the farther you can go. So you need to invest the maximum in weapons, but…

2. To download parallel basic and advanced gun. The fact that the damage done by pumping the main weapon applies and in the secondary, and addressing energy needs. That is, either shoot missiles, but poorly or have tolerable the main trunk, but the missiles and lasers spit once a month. I recommend to invest in parallel in missile turret and main trunk as the lasers, though, and fall at once, but weaker and less rapid-fire.

3. Galatrona and additional weapons need to be alternated. No point in wasting both equipment at the same time, if it’s not a war with the bosses. In an ordinary situation holotone need to cover the times when missiles and lasers recharged, and opponents primary weapon does not stop at all. At first, it is especially critical, since bad timing can result in significant loss of money.

4. Every 10 levels gives one point of leveling the ship, every 30 levels after 10th opened three new elements of pumping. However, access is provided regardless of pumped whether the previous element, so I recommend just to save points improvement of the ship, to waste their only weapons. Mandatory Holoemitters, Plasma Auto Turret, Auto Rocket Launcher, Laser Turret and Fast Energy Production, in that order. The rest of the points is not important.

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