Mario Tennis Aces – the mustachioed master of tennis is back in business

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Mario Tennis Aces – the mustachioed master of tennis is back in business

Any keen gamer will tell you that games tennis lately a little, and games about Mario a lot. What about the game Mario tennis? And this is a niche that we somehow do not think. However, this does not prevent the series of Mario Tennis to remain quite active for several decades. She had successes and failures – for example, the previous Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash of enthusiasm has not caused, but some predecessor has found its fans. New Mario Tennis Aces aims to bring back the unrealistic tennis past enthusiasm and inspire new players. Got it?

Yes, I see how many readers shook his head. And what you guys tell what kind of Mario Tennis Aces? But swing is not necessary – a good game is a good game. And at the heart of Mario Tennis Aces is really a powerful formula that could lead not only to a successful continuation of the series, but also to create new multiplayer hit for all ages. Things to buy for the company, family or friends. How long can you play in the same FIFA? Sometimes you want to paint and fast, striking gameplay, then Mario Tennis Aces more than ever.

The main role of the game, all the same Mario, whose Italian accent mellifluous for more than twenty years. His “uh”, “Ah” and other highly cited phrase have not gone away – it’s all still here. As opponents are the familiar – and not – so- friends and enemies, including toad, Yoshi, Bowser, Peach, Wario, and others. There are also less expected guests like spike. Some people will arrive later, after the release of the free DLC.

This month we’ve got a tennis game that promised to return the sport on our TV screens and monitors, but suffered a puncture: Tennis World Tour grabbed threes and twos, because she hurried to the recently passed tournament Roland Garros. Mario Tennis Aces-the combat late, but pleased with a much more refined presentation and much less realism.

When the lights went out in the previous part, it was more often blamed for poor content and lack any ingenuity. The developers heard us, and gave Mario Tennis Aces, which is not only redesigned combat (Yes, combat) system, but also a full storyline (Yes – that story) campaign. And maybe the latter is not necessarily up to the vicissitudes of the Golf Story, but it teaches all the basics of craftsmanship.

To paint you all the story elements I won’t – better for you with this piece of high art to see for yourself. I can only say this: the game is so serious about his tennis a parallel universe that do not smile will not work. It has everything: great racket, against which the one ring seems a cheap trinket, and the drama, which will be envied by all sorts of Shakespeares and Thick, and epic battle, worthy of a Peter Jackson film adaptations. And I was trying to figure out if it’s irony or a Canon Mario seriously replenished with the story of how all the villains and heroes really no apparent reason began to solve all the conflicts on the tennis court.

The story campaign is the core of the game that you can not miss. This is both good and bad – on the one hand, it’s always nice to see when such a sociable game get single-player content (a good example is Splatoon 2 affected), and on the other slightly frustrating that the courts have to sweat one when you just want to play the game and compete with each other. Fortunately, characters don’t need to win – all stars Nintendo immediately available for selection.

Most in Mario Tennis Aces I was not surprised by the presence of sujecki, and how she’s… complicated. Of course, I won’t say that this is Dark Souls world tennis neosymmetria (and, hell, I said it anyhow), but the fact that the “aces” made me swear and angrily to incinerate the TV look, the fact remains. Almost immediately we offer the hard sparring with enemies, who are operating not only the racket, but also all sorts of auxiliary, and precisely prohibited by the rules of the sport elements. Not to mention the fact that some of the bosses take balcorta and use magic.

As you progress, we open all sorts of buns like the new rackets, and fight with the bosses. Not every battle generally refers to the sport – often this is a mini-game to the tennis almost non. The puzzles are constantly changing – a lot of puzzles. Unexpectedly. And, as I already made clear, the passage of light does not work: and then we are humiliated and forced to replay. So many times I’ve witnessed a failure that immediately revealed the main drawback of the game is the lack of a quick restart button. Any fan of Super Meat Boy will say that when the game is complicated, this method quickly return to the fight is important. Otherwise, we simply give up. And listen for the tenth time disappointed comments accompanying me Toad I don’t want to, no.

Single player tournaments and modes are great, but no one for them Mario Tennis Aces will buy it. Nintendo, in the end, was and remains the best manufacturer of games for the company of people. No play-party will not cause more hype than Mario Party, and no carting will disperse a circulation of 20+ million copies. And Yes, excuse me fans of Mortal Kombat and Injustice but even these favorite many words do not cause a universal HYIP, capable to awaken a new part of the Super Smash Bros. So, Yes, Nintendo knows how to produce an exciting game for the company, and to make it both simple and very sophisticated. Fortunately, Mario Tennis Aces does not fade into the background of their more famous brethren, though a hit like Mario Kart she not be.

Mario Tennis Aces you need to buy for those who like to play with friends and relatives that are physically near. Pick up a virtual racket and dissolve in a digital world where tennis is everything. And let’s not here all the rules a full-fledged sport, and many things are simplified in your soul this is tennis. Different types of innings, furious sets – quickly forget that it’s not serious. I want to thank the developers who spent a lot of time to create the suit, which was both profound and easy to understand. In addition to several types of feed that are indistinguishable from what we have seen in the Tennis World Tour, Mario (and another character) can accumulate energy to perform a special shot when time slows down and he can just aim anywhere on the court using the gyroscope in the controller. So you can effectively earn points or to hit the opponent. If he does not manage to fend off his racquet may break – game over.

If you do not spend energy for nothing, you can start a fatality, if we decided to recall the MK. So you can call super move that can destroy the opponent with one hit.

In Mario Tennis Aces the many nuances that become apparent after many hours of play. Even the campaign mode will not show it, and it is helpful to read the hints on the loading screens. If only the game didn’t load so quickly – it is impossible to read! If fighting with a virtual counterpart enough, and friends are all ill, that you can play over the network. While that was not noticed any problems with the connection, and rivals enough. No wonder Mario Tennis Aces took first place in sales in many countries, including Japan and the UK.

Visually the game is bright and pleasant, and what to expect from anything with the console Mario. Graphically it is difficult to see any qualitative leap since the Wii U, although the comparisons can be seen for what it is. If you belong to the few happy owners of Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, you can see how many elements, like the basic models and animations were directly transferred from the Wii u version Frustrating? Possible.

As for the presentation, Mario Tennis Aces behind the same Mario Kart. Music here a little, and she rarely remembered, although the author acted Mota Sakuraba, who worked on things like Dark Souls and Tales of Berseria.

To summarize, we can say that Mario Tennis Aces was a very worthy and even exceeded their task. It will not become a cult game, which will be hundreds of times to reissue each new console release, but it’s a decent return I dozed off a franchise and another worthy thing to Switch around which may be collected by the company. Good online, addictive gameplay and great fights form a great Foundation for sequels – and maybe for many DLC, which transform the game into something even better, as happened with the ARMS.

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