Love and hate is an article about GTA: Vice City

ByThomas Holmes

Love and hate is an article about GTA: Vice City

“Act like you know… This is your way to shine…” the Sound of radio for a couple of seconds. “You take my self, you take my self control…” Again interference. “Video killed the radio star… Video killed the radio star…” Radio silent, eyes beat lightsabers toxic neon signs, naked body tight Hawaiian shirt, hands cold from the endless shooting ultrasound. No recharges, Tony, no stops on the way to the 80s. This is the solar Express, the glory road of crystal defects, it’s a blast from the past. This is the legendary Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

I’ll be honest – this article is very hard born. Thank you is my undying belief that the best articles are born out of the desire to speak and not need to overlook coming just so freshly the product conveyor industry, forgive me, EA and Ubisoft. Will also Express thanks to Alexander Topolino passage, which is written below.

“Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight

It must have been something you said

I just died in your arms tonight”

This article is dedicated to my love/hate for GTA Vice City, it’s about experiences and memories and thoughts about the game, because just a week ago I sat down for it to pass again. This is the equivalent of conversation over a fireplace on a pleasant, warm memories in the company of Jack Daniela Black Label and with a gentle crackle of firewood as an accompaniment.

My acquaintance with the City of all Sins happened – what a coincidence! – on the beach, in the resort town of Zatoka. Then I jerk small caliber, caliber together with the other kids crowded in the computer club and raced in Counter-Strike 1.4. Yeah, not 1.6. I’m old, God forgive me. In General, there I met with Vice City, and in the most suitable for Dating game manner – through the madness.

Above the computers were hung the leaves with the cheat codes – a nice change from the admins. ASPIRINE, PANZER, LEAVEMEALONE, SEAWAYS were pieces of the puzzle, which was Repin’s painting “Catch me if you can.” Recruit the stars from the sky, crushing the police, a katana chop to pieces passerby people sit in a tank and blow up everything that the engine allows you to blast out of the mission. Something like that in those conditions the increased generation, which thought that in GTA without cheats to play pointless…

As for missions – what was the point? Of course, when he decided to make a genocide in the name of cheat codes, some have tried to pass the story. It got to the mission with the helicopter and scored a massive bolt name, Vercetti, because the immature child mind, which is the NumPad in the coffin did not, was it to control the toy. Toy, which, let me remind you that in seven minutes we had to do what the child and for a half-hour will do – and even more so, in the computer club with the second, more dangerous timer timer limit games at all. So grew up a generation that believes the mission with the helicopter the most difficult in the history of video games in General.

And then, on the Sunny shores of Zatoka, me and my pals caliber was a neon-lilac to how good Grant Theft Auto as a parody. Didn’t care about that Rockstar, previously a recording Studio, was created flawless, as the Dyson sphere, a thematic soundtrack, and the characters in the game are references, satire and mockery of the then cult films, like “Carlito’s Way”, “Scarface” and a dozen other paintings.

We were just having fun on the streets, full of toxic neon, elusive commercial corruption and crimson sunsets. Have fun as you allow us our immature minds, sincerely, without ulterior motive, followed by discussions of each part and rewrite the codes on a piece of paper.

Now the word is given to my colleague Alexander Topolino. This is his history with the iconic game, the story seems mundane, but is interesting for many reasons.

“You’re out of touch

I’m out of time

But I’m out of my head when you’re not around”

“The body spread out chills of pleasure, and in the columns the song Out of Touch group Hall & Oates, mixed with the roar of the engine beloved sabre turbo — formidable and fast muscle car that I race in his newfound mansion. Oh you shouldn’t have set us up, Mr. Diaz, Oh you shouldn’t have.

As a child I had plenty of reason to sit for hours for GTA Vice City. The first was the large open world, though in fact it is only 2 Islands that you can cross in 5 minutes, but how many different interesting places, unexplored corners. Reason # 2 — freedom of choice. In GTA you can try yourself in the role of Director, firefighter, taxi driver, ice cream seller, car dealer…

Completing these optional missions I could not help thinking that while I’m here at the computer having fun, around the world real people from day to day on the set, put out fires, sell their goods for sale. Against this boredom life Tommy Vercetti seemed to be a real fairy tale, is a successful drug dealer and a thug whose life was full of money, beautiful women and adventure — however, before the first meeting with the cops.

Can’t say that GTA Vice City has taught something important, but everyone carried something from it, its as good and bad. My friends saw the game fascinating simulation of a drunk driver, firing an UZI on prostitutes and drunks in uniform builders. The passage of even a couple of story missions of little concern. I quickly tired to reduce the population of the population and decided to finish what I was trying writers and game designers. In total, took the game from cover to cover five times. Last — last year. What the hell am I again spent time on it?

I guess I just again wanted to dip into that era, to remember what I was doing when I was a student. Another ride in your favorite powerful car through the back streets of a familiar city, to pass the mission with a helicopter and bombs on the construction site, again to fill up the fat goat Diaz, to put an end to the dismantling of Cubans and Haitians. But the main thing is to see how far gone the progress of the game for more than 10 years since the release of the game.

Now the youth cuts to Grand Theft Auto in HD on their smartphones for a few hundred dollars, and for us to play in normal resolution I had to go to computer club or to a friend with the most powerful PC. What I especially liked Vice City, comparing with the third part, it had more freedom, opportunities, well thought out logic. Moreover, on the background of the story of Tommy Vercetti, I think even the subsequent San Andreas to be quite dull and boring hack with a meager plot.

I highly suggest readers every 3-5 years to replay favorite old games, every time is a completely new experience and the opportunity to look at contemporary creation through the prism of the past and childhood memories.”

“Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight

It must have been something you said

I just died in your arms tonight”

I’ll be damned by the gods-polyps, if not sing along to this song every time I hear it. A few weeks ago, I found that G2A of the great classics it’s worth some EUR 1 (the price of a pirate disc long before the crisis), and after half an hour of time has seen the launch splash screen… And after a couple days of non-stop passage, piles of missed work and missed three from girls, which I now have, I have accumulated so many thoughts that even though a dissertation to write.

First, the mission of the helicopter is incredibly simple – I passed it the first time and with a margin of 2 minutes of time. That’s what makes the life-giving brain! Just something you had before starting the timer to fly, to pre-cut all the villains from level to study their locations and then pick up a bomb. Rescue lance failed the first time, with no pre-bought armor – assault rifle to zoom in on a bunch hemorrhoid headshots thanks to the Logitech G502 and fun ride with a broken wheel helped complete the mission, though sweaty, but no repeats.

It would seem – all fabulous, nostalgia must beat from all the cracks of Niagara falls, and I will play a lick, as Juliet Starling your endless Chupa-Chups, but… no. After completing 90% of the game, after I tried San Andreas, GTA IV, GTA V, Saint’s Row IV and a bunch of other games and third-person shooters, I have to say that Grand Theft Auto Vice City curve as the faces of old women-passers-by on the streets.

I hate that the main character can swim only in San Andreas smart enough to do the analogue of the invisible walls, there is a logic GTA III. Apparently, the main father of the main character in her youth had herself a witch of Oz, and water for our protege is deadly. It would seem that for ten years it was possible to fix getting stuck in textures mates, which should be every half-hour to replay the mission, but no, still bad. Another question – this is why if you unlock the frame rate on my computer, which draws Star Wars: Battlefront, the smoke from under the wheels of cars causes the FPS to drop to 5-6? What is this magic of optimizing the 80s? By the way, I sincerely advise you to try GTA Vice City in 120 or more FPS, it’s something to do with something so realistic, the game has never looked.

And finally, the highlight of the program. Rusty nail, the curve, and stuck someone in the sciatic nerve. Shooting! Regardless of permission, each tiny movement of the mouse moves the sight is not conditional on one pixel, but on 10 or 20. And while aiming in first person, which was supposed to increase the accuracy of step increases in two-three times! Feels my poor pancreas is that it is made in favor of the joysticks, but hell, 2К17 year, it is time to fix this shit. And the guns are not shooting where the scope is aimed. None of the three or four dozen. It always shoots to the same point without variation, but that is above and to the right of the sight, above and to the left, it is somewhere in the ridge – and considering HOW much you need to shoot in the game, it spoils the thrill of passing.

Oh yeah, and if you want to experience the game fun even after a couple playthroughs, I advise you to install the GTA Vice City Deluxe. It is good that it can be installed near people’s version with the Steam-version, use the save and does not conflict with unique original. In fact, it is a massive replacement of all car quicker and add on map packs places to bertopeng entertainment – ramps, two mini-tracks for rally and so on.

And in fashion there is my favorite car of all time – according to the model, this Camaro SS, but unlike other cars, in the game her name is not given. That is, when you sit behind the wheel, in the lower right corner is not written anything. Its benefits begin and end in speed – the bastard starts from zero to hundreds in less than a second, and the peak moves two times faster than the fast cars from a unique original and is a hundred kilometers away faster than it should. To travel like this baby on the highway around the city is immensely fun, any jump (in many modifications) sends us flying higher helicopter altitudes, but any bump could lead to a brutal crash. And it’s good!

PS As revealed by scientific spear, smoke slows down the PC just in fashion, but in the original Vice City without fear cut in FPS on maximum.

“Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you

Listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you can do

I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why

But listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye”

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City needs no in my estimation, nor in the final verdict, but I still give it to you. It’s not a masterpiece, it is not perfect, but it’s a legend that has raised a generation is not worse than Pepsi-Cola, the queues in McDonalds and scald jeans. Also, the price here is considered a sin not to buy and to run occasionally, just stand on the sidelines and sing along…

“Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight

It must have been something you said

I just died in your arms tonight…”

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