Love and hate article about TES: Morrowind

ByThomas Holmes

Love and hate article about TES: Morrowind

As my previous article regarding the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, well gathered reading the audience, I decided to continue the theme. Not many games, in the end, left me an imprint, which, like photographs, to extract from the brain and want to relive certain moments again. But if “Sin City” from the 80’s I had a love for most tomatoes until re-passing, by Morrowind flaming adoration has never happened before – was the contradictory feelings so much that I decided to pour them in the form of an article.

I’ll admit it: a masterpiece, a brilliant game, mental game, very cozy, own the game, the best parts of the Elder Scrolls in terms of plot, development of characters, dense atmosphere and spectacular locations. But it has too many interface and gameplay decisions, which in themselves are good, but pedofiles touching me for the most uncomfortable parts of the body. I was so TRIGGERED that a long time remember Morrowind as the WORST part of the great trio, including Oblivion and Skyrim.

I’ve met some time after the passage of Gothic 2, another great RPG, and then I had no idea that the Gothic as would have competed with Scrolls, starting with… Yes, with Morrowind and starting! And according to the box dammeron holding a sword, I caught a very, very specific sense, which was unique for almost ten years. It’s like the smell of unique orchids, found by accident in the Amazon jungle – can you feel it once, but remember for a lifetime, and do not feel anywhere else. And this feeling, this taste, it is easier to podamirowo expression “another world.”

Indeed, Gothic and Morrowind are similar among themselves. Role-playing, open world, but is logically limited, massive in scale, brutal to the new guy, entertaining story and the protagonist – ex-convict. The difference, of course, and they began an aggressive comparison, holivar, and all that. Personally, in my life both games in terms of impact on my taste absolutely equal, although Gothic I love much more.

In one aspect of Morrowind – a game-tale, but not for the player, and Bethesda. Because it was made when the Studio was on the verge of bankruptcy, because the previous games in the series failed miserably, and Buggerfall (aka TES: Daggerfall), not very well sold. The project, which then egregor confidently called Swan song “Gazebo”, suddenly turned out to be one of the pillars of modern Western RPG.

When you play The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind for the first time, you catch the feeling that the world around you lives. Life simulation in the game, IMHO, an order of magnitude weaker than in the same Gothic where NPCs, sorry for the detail, even to the toilet regularly attended. But in Morrowind, the simulation works because of the scale of the world, more competent level design and atmosphere. You get in a stranger world, and may not see this, but I understand you can feel that it lives by its own laws, which you and alien at the same time, and understandable.

After the first ten hours of this contradiction – the foreignness and the feelings only intensified. It gives you a taste of the game a unique feeling that no game has been able and is unlikely to be able to give like black and white simultaneously. And, like shooting in S. T. A. L. K. E. R., it repels and attracts, beckons to nausea. You’re not feeling well from being on the island Vvardenfell, but the liveliness of the world prompts him to explore. You’re sick, but you can’t stop.

To explore the same type of dungeon uninteresting – they are just interesting to find on the map. To listen to the same type of nonsense Dunmer is not very entertaining, but you believe that they are living beings in the living world, the role they are playing, and play on the five plus. In General, the world alive, the world is cozy, and the effect works almost instantly. Another thing is that this is not the world where I’d be if I had a choice.

Involvement contributes to the secondary, but important content – Morrowind is one of the richest, the most likely mundane and ENT-specialists ‘ offices at all in games. A wild bunch of readable books, mythology, political system, realistic issues and characters. The city is one of the strengths of Morrowind, a lot of them, they are massive, with his face and a distinct architecture. To me, the whole culture of Vvardenfell reminds me of how James Cameron created for “Avatar” three-dimensional forest – he’s not just a poke in the right places need trees, a special program for months virtual was raised by the forest for generations, feigned the struggle of plants for survival, and only the final jungle went into production. To achieve such verisimilitude manual labor – it’s a miracle comparable to the immaculate conception in 2017.

The plot of Morrowind many consider one of the best in the genre, and I tend to agree with this fact. He is so bad, because the highest set straps all the subjects of the subsequent parts of the fans admitted boring, predictable and banal. The story of the return of the Nerevarine, its formation and recognition by the snobs and racists, terribly catchy and thought-provoking. The more you dig in history, the more I realize that Dagoth Ur is not a bad guy, that the Tribunal – not the good guys, and you don’t like it, but that’s the kind of scenario you have to play. Nobody said that the path of the hero – the right way.

However, deep thinking, unusual jobs and original characters kompensiruet total uninteresting of the whole situation for me personally. And this is due largely alien and uncomfortable for me, culture – well, I can not feel at ease in a world where to access the quest giver you need to regularly levitate a giant hollow mushroom! In addition, the quest system for me personally, well, too hardcore, and mini-map in the inventory shamelessly primitive and devoid of quest markers. This partly plays into the atmospheric pressure, making Morrowind more realistic, but too much effort on the gameplay – without the interactive maps downloaded in advance by a separate program, even a simple search of the place where you want to go, it may take more time than the quest itself. But for a beginner this is the reason to score on quest overall, and even in the game at all.

Role-playing system in the game is almost perfect, but only in terms of diversity. The number of roles that you can play in Morrowind, its flexibility (but not the balance, more on that later) makes every passage a kind of unique, opens new avenues in the story, gives to chat with a new NPC which you missed for one reason or another. Counterweight for the good moments is a fat, filthy and oily minus like soap Sload combat system.

In General, any combat system in a role play, the development of which involves increasing chance to hit and increased damage, I have not respected a single drop. If my character hits the enemy with a sword three dozen times, I want at the moment of contact models the sword of the enemy was being done! In Morrowind it felt worse, and as nasty was a melee, but forgive me Almsivi, ranged combat is even worse! Arrows do not fly, there where the sight, they fly slowly disgusting and rotate in flight like a shuriken, bringing the half-way can fly into an enemy flat, General hysteria. And a chance to fluff out the bow in the initial stages is so great that to kill a single bandit is not possible, except that prescribe quickly from the arrows fall.

But really, Morrowind is simply not about warriors or archers. The game is fully, completely, about the mages, and the sooner you understand this, the better the passage. Mages in the game are completely and totally overpowered bastards, and capable of what any arrow-thief or knight in dedice not even dreamed of. First, magic includes a bunch of different schools, and alchemy, and enchantment. Alchemy very quickly and effortlessly able to compensate the only huge disadvantage of mages is quickly ending mana, which is not restored in any way, except to sleep… or potions. Also, exploit intelligence, and repetitive effects allows in a moment to make the character a muscular bull, a genius-level Sotha SIL, agile level Daedra or even give him a life levitation.

And that’s just alchemy. The full set of schools of magic in Morrowind allows you to turn the game like wish left heel. Levitation, walking on water, water breathing, call assistants, call the best armor or weapon, changed the distance of the jump, reduce fall damage, lock/release locks, paralysis, four or five types of damage, two kinds of invisibility, increase of friendliness of a character is almost devkit inside the game. And that’s getting to me finally – spells can create itself in limitless quantities! That is, the magician can’t simply do EVERYTHING that makes a warrior or Archer, but can do it ALL at ONCE and simultaneously – the main thing that mana potions were. It is, in fact, cheat the mod in the light version. And when you realize this fact, the game either breaks or becomes even more interesting.

Plus – luxurious and a real devkit that allows to create with the game are incredible. A lot about fashion I will not say, in the example of the limitless possibilities will lead, except that a modification Chaos Heart. It allows naturally to join the Sixth House and beat the game FOR Dagoth Ur. Perhaps this is the most important of the modifications, in addition to the fan-made patches, because it reveals the role most complete. Hell, in the latest versions you can ship that delivers character in Seyda Neen, to capture dozens of different ways and redirect any other port! In General, if you are one Vivec is known to cause little non-linearity in Morrowind, put the mod and enjoy!

It’s funny that Morrowind physics engine in advance account for much of the exploits from the mages. If you increased their power to an exorbitant scale, your weapon will break from a single blow at the enemy. If you give yourself infinite levitation, you will not be able to dive under the water, making the passing game almost impossible, and so on. Not all the holes covered but what is covered, causing me great excitement and helping to create in the imagination an elaborate and self-closed universe in which everything has a price.

About such games are very difficult to formulate the final opinion. And in the case of Morrowind – specifically. It’s like Vivec, symbolizing the deep duality of life, where the pros go along with cons, and a delightful interwoven with ugly. Black and white does not compensate for each other, but exist on a par. That is the way of the Nerevarine, the hero’s journey, in many ways wrong, but the only true one. Such is the way of the hero in Morrowind – and recommend it it makes no sense. He will call you when you’re ready. And Yes.

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