Life hacks GO Pokemon: how to catch pokemon

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Life hacks GO Pokemon: how to catch pokemon

A massively multiplayer augmented reality game Pokemon GO just a couple of days conquered the world. And while all around read headlines and not very funny news associated with the new wave of pokemonmay, we encourage you to exercise. What you need to know as a new pokémon trainer and what techniques should be applied in the fascinating pursuit of “pocket monsters” – we will consider in this article.

Be ready!

So says the first rule of any self-respecting poketrainer. Pokemon GO – a very voracious game as rapidly consumes your battery. A permanent connection to the Internet, GPS, use the camera and step in combination with three-dimensional graphics reduce the autonomy of your device. So, go catch the pokemon is loaded with the most gadgets and, if possible, to acquire an additional battery or alternative charging source.

In addition, the game is rapidly absorb the traffic due to the constant exchange of information with servers.

Little to reduce the amount of energy that is absorbed, you can use Battery Saver mode in the settings menu of the game. With this mode, the smartphone screen will be off every time you turn the device (put it in your pocket, for example). At the same time, the game shuts down and will report on the approach to the next pokemon by using vibration. You can also turn off music and other sound effects.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of each of them!

Fans of the pokemon franchise is well known that each of the monsters represents a certain elemental type, which gives him an advantage or, on the contrary, the vulnerability of in attack/defense against pokémon of the opposite type.

Natural types only 18, but in the game there are 150 pokemon is very problematic to remember the properties of each.

In such a case, an enterprising community portal Reddit significantly make life easier for novice pokemaster, creating a simple and clear infographic.

No matter who will be the first!

Holivary about your first pokemon and the complexities of his choice can be found on each of the thematic forums. In fact, it doesn’t matter what kind of starter pokémon to give preference, as soon (if you follow our advice) you will acquire an impressive collection of animals on each occasion.

However, if you wish to follow in the footsteps of the protagonist of the infamous anime series and the start to a legendary Pikachu – this video life hack is for you.

Often use PokeStop’s!

In in-game map, the pokemon marked with a so-called PokeStop’s. As a rule, tourist attractions, monuments or parks. Here you can find the Essentials: pokebola, eggs, potions and Reviver to revive your pokemon after lost battles.

For use pokescope first you need to go to him, click on an animated icon that appears, then without lifting your finger from the screen to spin that appears in the center of the photo. In each of their pokescope can last from 3 to 5 items.

Usually, the time of pokeschool cool down in around 5-10 minutes, which allows repeatedly use of the updated stop not really moving around the city.

Along with the distribution of important subjects pokescope have another useful function. Every poketrainer can “charge” pagestop using Module Lure that will attract a pokémon from the immediate vicinity.

Know page navigator as yourself!

In addition to the key functions – search for pokemons, page navigator has a couple of tricks that will help to facilitate the game and save time.

Sometimes in the list of found nearby pokemon there are those that do not shows the estimated distance in the form of traces (1 to 3). To make this pokemon appear on the map, just click on its picture.

From time to time on the map you can see places which are emitted from the leaves. In most cases, in such places it is possible to find the hiding pokemon.

If you missed and lost the pokebol, it can still return. If pokebol fell behind particularly nimble animals should be as fast as you can click on his picture, after which it will return to inventory.

Extra pokémon do not exist!

Try to catch every pokemon which will meet, even if it is already in your collection. Even if they are the same – this does not mean that they have identical characteristics. Compare performance and Express in the collection the best instance.

Pokemon-double of should be sent to Professor willow, who in return will give you candy, you need to use to enhance and evolution of your pokemon. Candy is not universal and will only fit for a specific pokemon, so if you want to pump as much as possible the number of pokemon, all sorts of candies you’ll need a lot.

Few people know that to evolve a pokemon into a new stage does not need to be pumped to the maximum, because the force evolved monster depends on its initial characteristics, but not from pumping. Thus it is possible to save a rare candy.

In addition, the level of poketrainer itself facilitates the capture of the animal. Pay attention to the colored circles while throwing pokebola: green and yellow – you will be an easy task, but orange and red say that you must use all your speed and are likely to spend more than one pokebol.

With reaching level 7 you will be able to find in Pokescope raspberries that urge to feed is strong and rare pokémon before trying to capture him. This treat will reduce its resistance and reduce the chances of escape from pokebola.

At level 10 you will have access to Great and Ultra pokeball, which differ from simple increased protection from the flight and thoroughly facilitate the process of capture.

Below we give a table of experience behind that and how to get XP in Pokemon GO:

  • Remember! In Pokemon Go custom combat system
  • Games of the series GO usually are step by step, but in the case of Pokemon Go should know about a few nuances of the mechanics of battles.
  • To catch the pokemon no need for the battle. Everything is reduced to the final stage – catching throw pokebola and await the result. Practice the technique of throwing.
  • Any battle or meeting with other coaches is possible only in the Training Halls, which will be the main cause of all the fighting.
  • Fighting in Pokemon Go not a step-by-step, but rather dynamic. To cause maximum damage to the enemy pokemon as often as possible click on him, while dodging enemy attacks by swiping left/right.
  • To increase the chances to repel the attack on the captured gym increase the number of Prestige points. To get prestige points can often exercise in the captured friendly faction hall.pokemon go
  • How to get Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon? Easy!
  • Among the players Pokemon GO the most rare and unpredictable pokemon is considered to Evie, which can later evolve into a very powerful and rare Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. The mystery of the evolution of Evie that her forecast and programming are considered to be impossible – as a rule, this pokemon evolution what he wants.


However, craftsmen have created step-by-step program turning your Evie in one of the desired types. The correct name of your pokemon will help to achieve the desired evolution. Apparently, the developers at Niantic has made another reference to the anime series.

The formula to produce the desired evolution. Rename to Evie:

  • Sparky, if you want to Jolteon
  • Rainer, if you want to have Vaporeon
  • Pyro, if your goal Flareon
  • Formula tested more than one dozen users and really works.

Practice, improve your skill, improve the skill of the throw and eventually gather them all!

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